Falls Park, Sioux Falls, SD

Falls Park, Sioux Falls, SD

A must visit at least once each summer! A wonderful place to have a picnic, fish, family fun, great atmosphere!

Such inspiration you share!

Arash Recovery

I’m laying in bed, slowly waking up and adjusting my eyes to the winter sunshine as I glance out the window, when I decide to do some visualization exercises with my legs and feet. I go through the usual exercises that I’ve been doing as frequently as possible in my free time: flex my feet, bend my knee, rotate my legs in and out. Since my accident, I don’t get any movement in my lower body when I do these exercises but I’ve stubbornly and consistently kept at it. The reason why everyone – from the nurses in the ICU to my spine surgeon to my acupuncturists – has emphasized the importance of visualization is the belief that there is enormous value in sending a signal from the brain to the lower body and by thinking and trying to move those limbs, one can repair the neural pathways and reestablish that…

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Well it is Day 2 of 2013 and I have been up since 6am doing alot of work for my cleaning business-Andersen’s Clean Sweep online!  Promoting January Special for current clients!  So thought since I have time I should update my Blog also.

I am up to 12 regular clients right now and have 1 set up for a “meet & greet” next week.  I also have been contacted by a local Resort owner to clean his cottages starting in April!  This is Huge!  I am very excited about it!

I do have one business right now that I do and the guys are Great!  For Christmas I took down some cake for them!

I had a quiet New Year’s Eve here at home.  I think I am just not at that age anymore to stay out late.  I did stay up til midnight though.  Played on FB and got hooked on “Hearts” card game!  Fun!!!

Yesterday I rearranged the livingroom and spent a quiet afternoon at home.  I didn’t do any type of work either for the business.  So today was the day to play catch up and also I have several things to do including cleaning one house later and meeting with another local business lady about an Event we want to do pertaining to Self-Defense/Domestic Abuse.  I will post the Event on Twitter & FB when get details finalized.

I have been nominated for U of O Winter Games Cheerleader on last weekend of January!  I also have volunteered to work at the Pancake Feed on 26th from 10am-1pm put on by The Boy Scouts.  I like volunteering for Events!  It brings such a wonderful feeling being able to do that.  And as a business owner I love being out in the public!

I wish you All a Wonderful 2013…Andersen’s Clean Sweep…Franki Andersen, Owner

Owner, Andersen's Clean Sweep

Owner, Andersen’s Clean Sweep

Family Fun

This past Saturday, we got the opportunity to join in being 1 of the 1400 people that attended the Family Fest Event in Spencer, Iowa, United States.  This was directed to families that need support from the community.  Products & services were abundant for the public to view.  We also got to hear presentations by several different groups about what the community has to offer in terms of child safety, parenting, daycare, how to contact emergency help (for the kids info) and much more!  This was a great experience for all.  

One of the presentations was by the K9 Cop Unit…you should have seen the faces of the kids when they seen the dog!!!  He is a 5 year old German Shepherd who has 52 arrests under him for the previous year and has logged in over 400 hours in training for the previous year!  As you can see, he is very handsome!